Colorado 14ers – Wednesday’s prep for the big assault tomorrow

We scouted the trailhead for Grays and Torreys this morning – we wanted to know where it was in the daylight and to make sure that the road to the trailhead was passable (tomorrow we plan to be arrive at 5am and start up in the dark, so nice to figure it out in advance).

Here’s Mt. Torreys. Grays is just out of sight.  The gameplan is to hike to Grays summit, then skip across the saddle to Torreys.  Looks easy…  ?

Found the trailhead, so now we need to find a lunch spot for today.  How about Herman’s Gulch Trail and a 3 mile hike to a little lake to enjoy our P&J:

This trail started in the tree line at 10,300ft, and followed an alpine stream.

Once we broke out of the treeline at 11,500ft, the view opened up.

Finally, the lake for lunch, 12,000ft, 2 hours to this point (making our lunch spot actually a 3pm snack)On the trail back down I was looking more closely at the meadow flowers

We heard that the whole trail was bright with flowers a few weeks ago… Colorado is enjoying a brief warm spell, and our weather has been great with passing clouds and zero rain.

We ran into this fellow who claims these trails as his no-cost Stairmaster.  We came off the trail at 5pm, back into town to wash up and walk over at sunset to sit out on the deck for dinner at Pug Ryans

They take their brewing seriously, devoting about a third of their indoor space to tanks.  Maybe Carolyn can weight in on their gear or beverages.

The alarm is set for 330am and our trip to the 14ers moves out of exhibition and into regular season play… we’ll see how the home team fares tomorrow!


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