Colorado 14ers – Friday, Buena Vista, Mountain Spotting and Hot Springs

Okay, relax day, sort of…

First, a travel plug for Buena Vista… this little community is great… everything is just humming.  Several nice restaurants and coffee shops, brew pub, kayak park, outdoor gear stores, local events, Collegiate Peak 14ers on their doorstep, local hot springs on the Chalk River…. we’ll be visiting again.

Good morning to our breakfast visitors, they were walking around in the VRBO front yard

Our VRBO in Buena Vista was great

Today was recon day as we traveled the valley searching out trailheads for future hikes.  First up was Mt Yale which boasts a steady climb to the summit.

As we assessed the trail, a man came down, skipping and smiling as he came.  He’d driven down last night, car camped, hiked to the summit with friends and back down… all by 11am, and after chatting with us hopped in his vehicle for the return drive to Denver!?!! Okay, I need to be training a bit more for these adventures.
We took a couple hour break from mountain-gazing, stopping for lunch alongside the Chalk Creek at Mt Princeton Hot Springs, and treated ourselves to the historic bathhouse and hot springs. 

Although they pump the hot mineral water into three large swimming pools, Greg and I opted for the more natural setting, wading into the creek itself where a jumble of rocks create heated wading pools along the edge, some too hot initially to even walk through. Greg set about shifting rocks to allow the cold river in until things were perfect – a six foot round hot tub right in the ice cold river, with a beautiful blue sky.


Quote of the day: “If you’re afraid of change, leave it here.” Louie’s Ice Cream Shop tip jar, Buena Vista.


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