Colorado 14ers – Wednesday, flight home

Greg and I had a great trip, including a bonus day, complements of high winds at the Aspen airport which delayed our departure until this morning. Our stay at the Limelight was restful and we’re back at the airport by 7am for a second shot at departing.  Everybody on the plane has checked the weather and knows the winds are around 5kts, so we’ll be out and going.

On the climb out a nice view of the Roaring Fork Valley and some possible future hikes

We love stats, so here’s what we captured for our eight day stay:

27 hours of trail time, 21.6 miles hiked, 10,000 ft elevation gain, 29 miles biking.

Greg converted the climb up Grays and Torreys: that’s 1,291 flights of stairs on the StairMaster, in thin air.  If that’s not enough already, you need to hike 1,291 flights back down (I’m keeping all this in mind for next year!)

So, our Colorado triathlon was 5 ft of swimming, 29 miles bike, and 21 miles on foot (a bit lopsided on the swim, but hey… the hot springs river pool was only so wide and we weren’t venturing out into the freezing main current…).

Total steps: 180,216 (averaging over 22,000 steps/day… hooray for the 10k steps/day crowd).

Thank you:
…  Greg for inviting me and doing all the mountain research and hiking!
…Lizzy and Ted for your wonderful hospitality.
…Janie for making all the travel arrangements, and
…Patti for holding down the fort!

Well, there are some future Colorado mountains to explore…  Princeton, Yale, Elbert…

I had a blast climbing these mountains, and of course, hindsight makes it feel so much easier.  I’m more than ready to tackle another 14er.

However, I am also humbled and inspired by those that have done so much more of this… my brother-in-law Greg has already hiked eight of these mountains and is on his way to ten, twelve or more.  Hats off Greg, I’m a rookie.

And then there are those beyond the mere mortals, those rare birds cut from entirely different stock. Meet Joe Grant and his amazing accomplishment just a few weeks ago, completing all 57 of the 14ers. In 31 days, 8 hours, 33 minutes. That’s 1.8 mountain peaks per day! He did this by leaving his driveway on bicycle, and peddled his way from trailhead to trailhead, no support crew, living on Snickers, Clif bars, and frozen gas station bean burritos. Should change his last name to Granite.

There are some peaks I’ll never attempt. If you have the nerve to watch, here’s a terrifying YouTube video crossing the Knife Edge to reach Capitol Peak. I wonder what time of day it was that Joe went across this…


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