Biking the GapC&O – Friday, prep for the Washington DC departure

Here we go!  Bruce and I fly to Pittsburgh, rent bikes, drive to DC and get ready for the trip…

Here’s the trip in a nutshell, according to Google (which thinks we should be done in a day…)

Looks easy on the map… just ride from DC, up 4,350ft and over the Eastern Continental Divide, and down into Pittsburgh. What’s that little yellow flag on elevation all about?

Pretty small living accommodations for the week!

Bike rental in Pittsburgh-  great staff, helped Bruce and I get set for the road.

The trailhead we’re returning to is just down the way… I think we’re spending the next week riding back to reunite with this sign, only 332 miles

The Dodge Caravan Bruce rented is perfect for the bikes, and we’re off to DC, 4 hours away.

Here’s the profile of the route, and we’re coming right to left on this diagram:

Unlike sensible people that gently climb up going east, then zoom down the hill, we’re going west so we can climb steeply up that gradient on our two 50 mile days.  No pressure… I’m sure that little hill near Frostburg will take pity on us…what could go wrong?

The weather looks great for our start tomorrow.


The travel was uneventful, the bikes seem fine, and we found our hotel.

Meal of the day: Steak&Shake


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