Biking the GapC&O, Friday, to West Newton, PA

We’re up, packed and on our way by 8am. The Antique Store proved to be a nice arrangement for us.

A quick hour’s riding this morning, followed by a short bus ride up a dangerous hill brought Bruce and I to the Kaufmann’s “summer cabin” Falling Water, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The home is all cantilevers, creating the floating sensation and extension-of-the-rocky-outcrop look.  This next picture is an example of Compression, with the narrow main entrance just to the left of the folks in the foreground. That narrow entrance leads into Expansion… a large open livingroom/dining room with a panoramic view and porch thst draws you in and out into the woods and down the stream.  Patty H., I think you’d like this tour.  Everything is horizontal lines, and sourced right from the hillside

Here’s the iconic picture we’ve all seen, taken just downstream from the residence (from the spot the Kaufmann’s suggested as the building site.  Wright said no, we’re going to build it in the stream, on top of the waterfall).

Now I’d like to tour Kentuck Knob.  Ok, back to the trail. We packed our lunch to have a few miles – tasty sandwiches on fresh-made bread from the Ohiopyle Bakery.  It’s a pretty area in here with the river below and large rock and coal deposits beside us.  Some of the coal seams are almost jet black.

At Connellsville I had a slow leak, but had just riden past a bike shop, so we spun around to have them fix it.  We were back on our way in an hour.

Here’s a sight I’ve been waiting to see for several days

Woo-hoo! We’re now well over 300 trail miles.

That hour for the air leak proved almost too much for us… we’d already been in and out of sprinkles all afternoon, but right after the photo above the sky just opened up and we were drenched in a downpour – soggy in 30 seconds.  The trail, although well-drained, turned into a grit, mud and puddle fest.  We still had 13 miles to go, so when we arrived at the B&B we were soaked through except where high tech jackets kept us dry. Bruce has mud in his hair

Hot showers can fix anything, that and a quick load of laundry while we fixed out spirits with two beers and the Trail Burger (big burger, fried egg, ham slice, tomato, lettuce) at the locally famous Trailside Pub and beer locker

It was DJ night and KOOL DJ Dave was blasting out country westerns with acvompanying videos in the flat screens.


Worst food idea I’ve seen yet on the trail

Best meal of the day: toss-up between mulitgrain ham sandwich or the over-the-top beef/egg/ham whamo-burger I just had for dinner

Stats: 56 trail miles, 2 flat tires (I shared about my first one.  I didn’t mention that the same tire was going flat a few mile from a warm shower – ughh, wait till tomorrow to deal with that).  1 woodchuck.

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