Biking the GapC&O, Eureka, Pittsburgh!

We were happy to see the sun peeking over the ridge this morning… hopes  of a dry shoe day!  I needed to deal with a leaky tire first thing, and even a new tube didn’t fix it.  Bruce had checked the local bike shop already so they were ready for me when I rolled in.  Twenty minutes later we rolled out of town, all fixed for our last day on the trail.

It’s bittersweet this morning, even at 30+ miles we know we’re on the home stretch.

We caught up  (again) with Mike. We’ve crossed his path every day since Paw Paw.  He’s the cleanup man of a fivesome – the others blast ahead with the tent, and he brings everything else on a trailer he’s pulling.  They camped just a mile short of West Newton, under lean-to shelters, had a big bonfire, slept dry and comfortable.

As we get closer to Pittsburgh the trail narrows and we get much closer to our friends at CSX.

We’re still a good hour ride from the end, but we needed to stop for lunch… and early celebration.


Starting into Pittsburgh

Hot Metal Bridge 

We’re back – here’s where the trip started for me 8 days ago at the bike shop.

Yet we’re not quite done.  The weather is threating us with a soaking but we’re only a mile from the literal end of the trail

The GAP ends right at the tip of Pittsburgh’s waterfront park

Right past that fountain to the water’s edge is the trail marker

Yeah! What a fun trip!


Mike, the guy we passed this morning, who just had finally pulled into lunch when we pulled out… just passed us at the bike shop as we turned in our gear, on his way to the seal in the park.

Today’s Stats: 37.7 trail miles. 1 continuing flat, finally fixed. No animals, lots of people.

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