Colorado wedding

We’ve been invited to Liz and Ted’s wedding in Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, so we’re off on our road trip, stopping after 6 hours in Bluff, Utah to break up the trip. Good time to be heading north as Phoenix temperatures continued to rise, canceling flights at Sky Harbor

As you head toward the Four Corners region in the Notheast part of Arizona, you enter Navajo and Hopi lands.  The highway engineers didn’t need much imagination here near Kayanta… we’re atop a ten mile wide mesa, absolutely flat.

Yet, there are odd formations sticking out of the landscape…

like Elephants feet.

If you’re a Tony Hillerman fan and read his series of murder mysteries tackled by tribal police, we’re in his back yard… Mexican Hat, Shiprock, Chinle.

Bluff is a tiny town just across the San Juan river, where we spied a nice-looking place last summer on our way to Michigan.  What a find! It’s always a bit of an adventure trying new places, especially when the next closest is a converted saloon 40 miles away.  Here’s the view from our room and a few more of the grounds

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