Not that life has been slow up to this point, but I’ve reached a “zero+1” year.  Let me explain:  the next corporate career change I’d been thinking about was “in the next 3-5 years,” which shrunk to “0-2” years, and was trending toward “zero to 1 year” when my company offered enhanced early retirement.  I accepted!  So we start “zero+1,” a year of adventure and exploration and a chance to contribute to new efforts… a new world just opened up.

I’ve enjoyed two corporate careers, first in Aerospace and then Semiconductors, and I’ve had the good fortune to serve on the board of ICAN, a local non-profit for at-risk youth in Chandler, AZ for the last four years.

So, we’ll see where this next story goes, and part of that will be told in these pages… welcome!